Pets in Heaven. Yes, Your Pet Will Be Waiting For You In Heaven

I like to quote Rev Billy Graham when he said, “God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in Heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he’ll be there.”
In other words, Heaven will be everything we could ever hope for and more.

Don’t believe in Heaven?

To sum it up, the Bible tells us there is a Heaven.

Don’t believe in the Bible?

To Sum this up, Jesus believed in the Bible (the old Testament anyway).

Don’t believe in Jesus?

To sum this up, if Jesus really conquered death and came back to life after being killed (which is very well documented), shouldn’t we be listening to what he said and believing what he believed?

Well if you believe the Bible, God promises to care for all the animals forever.
What’s interesting about this is that they will be saved and raised to Heaven without having to be cleansed of sin because they are not actually capable of sinning. The animals never rebelled against God because they wanted to “be equal to God, knowing good and evil.”

We, on the other hand must be redeemed and made clean from sin before we can be in God’s presence.

Pets in Heaven? Yes, Your Pet will be waiting for you in Heaven when you get there… if you get there that is.

But it’s really not that hard to make sure that you will be there.
All you have to do is believe that God came to earth as Jesus, and died for our sins so that ” whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Why Believe In Jesus

Why believe in Jesus Christ?”. Or maybe even more fundamentally who was Jesus Christ?
Who was this man?
What are we to make of him?
If nothing else just curiosity should make us ask that. I mean there is by all accounts no human individual that has ever influence the course of human history like Jesus Christ did.
Whatever else you think about him, that much is true for better or for worse
He has changed human history more than any other single individual ever did… more than any other group ever did.
He founded the world’s largest religion and transformed the lives of billions of people so if nothing else just out of curiosity we should ask “What what’s behind all of this?… who was this person … what was he about? who could have pulled this off?
It is also a crucial question because if the bible is true everything hangs on your answer to this question. Who do men say that I am ? Who do people say that I am? If in fact the bible turns out to be true everything depends, ultimately all the questions of life are contained in this question.
What do we exist for?
What’s the purpose of our lives?
Why are we here in the first place?
How is life to be fullfilled?
How can we live life in a fulfilling way
How can I find happiness?
How can I find contentment in the midst of my very troubled world?
A little bit of peace?
They’re all found in the question Who was Jesus Christ?
I want to just outline five options
five possible responses and I think that they are exhaustively the five responses to that one can give to
this question,” Who was Jesus Christ?
Who was Jesus?
We know that his disciples claimed that he claimed He was superhuman and he was not just an ordinary man… not just in ordinary profit and was in fact the son of God.
He claimed to be divine in other words.
And it is a reasonable supposition, I think when you hear someone claim to be the son of god or claim to be divine to immediately suspect that maybe that person doesn’t have all their marbles and so one option as we confront the question of who was Jesus Christ is to suspect there may be
He was just one of these crazy people who believe that there God.
A couple questions present themselves with regard to this option. You need to seriously ask yourself this question:
Given what you know what you know about lunatics, given what you know about madmen, given what you know about crazy people and in our society you should know quite a bit because there are a lot of them around, could a lunatic speak the sermon on the mount? I mean, by all standards; even by those who oppose Christianity admit that the teachings of Jesus are among the most sublime and insightful ever given in world history. Could a lunatic or a mad man or a crazy person do something like that?
Could a madman or lunatic or a person who was crazy have the insight into human nature and the inner workings of the human heart and human mind that Jesus did? You see it throughout the gospels the way he penetrate through facades the way he gets to the heart of issues the way he calls out a person’s true colors. Could a madman or lunatic have done that? Could a madman a lunatic or a crazy person have demonstrated the kind of works and lived the kind of lifestyle that Jesus lived; having a love for those who are unlovable; reaching out to those who were lost, to those who are outcasts and to those who are ostracized; loving those that nobody else cared about? Could a madman or lunatic have done such a thing? Could a madman or lunatic have pulled off the miracles that he did; healing that hand on the Sabbath; healing the blind or all the other miracles recorded in the Gospels; the last one being that he rose from the dead. How does calling Jesus a lunatic explain all of that? His reputation was that of being untarnished, of being by all accounts loving, selfless and gracious. And that is something that lunatics just normally don’t have about them. The option of thinking Jesus was crazy, I think, is ruled out. There is no evidence to suggest he was crazy. All the evidence, in fact, is just the opposite.
So maybe there’s a second alternative. Another thing that we got a lot of in our culture is a lot of charlatans. People that use religion to make a buck. There’s a lot of dollars to be made in religion. There’s a lot of gain to be made in religion. A lot of fame to be made in religion.
Ron Hubbard, the founder of scientology, he went on record as saying the fastest way, the easiest way to get rich in America is a start your own religion. And so the science fiction writer did just that and wrote his “Dianetics” and died a very, very wealthy man. Well, maybe Jesus was someone like that. Maybe he was just doing some kind of tricks or some kind of magic to get people the follow him to get famous, to get wealthy. The world’s known a lot of charlatans. A lot of TV evangelists are in it for the money. They prey on gullible senior citizens. There’s a lot of new age channelers who happen to be called to Hollywood. Isn’t that interesting? And they channel Angels and lure metaphysical principalities and powers that they know not what. They speak these divine truths, they start their own religion in Hollywood because all these Hollywood people follow them. And it’s clear that they’re doing it because there’s a lot of money in Hollywood and lot of people who’ll believe weird stuff in Hollywood. What better place to start a religion? So maybe Jesus was just someone like that… maybe.
Again, several questions posed themselves. Seems to me that if Jesus was a charlatan, he would still be a historical figure. but he go down in history as being, one of the dumbest charlatans that ever lived. Because he didn’t go to Hollywood. He didn’t even go to the big wigs or the high society people. He spent his whole ministry appealing to the lower class, the ostracized, to the outcasts. And there’s no money there and even if they follow you, what kind of fame is that? I mean, you got a bunch of beggars following you. Would a charlatan do something like that? What kind of charlatan makes enemies with all the people that matter? Questioning those in powerful positions? Questioning those in authority? (to be continued)

How I Know I Will See My Pets In Heaven

How I Know I Will See My Pets In Heaven

My parents made me go to church almost every Sunday as I was growing up.
Church and Sunday School.
But as soon as I got old enough to make my own decisions about attending church, I quit going.
I didn’t start going back to church again until I was in my forties.
One day I was shocked when I realized that all these people I was going to church with believed that Jesus was the son of God. Really?
Somehow, I had missed that detail in my earlier church life.
I knew all the stories about Jesus and how he was such a great teacher and how he performed all these miracles and such.
He turned water into wine, healed the blind, calmed the sea, walk on water, fed 5000 people with a couple of fish… he even raised a person up from the dead. But the strangest story of all was how he was killed, buried and then came back from the dead and walked, talked and even ate with people after he had been executed.
I guess I never really believed all the stories were really true.
A lot of them were really far fetched but the Bible is full of far fetched stories.
That’s what made it interesting.
I thought Greek and Roman Mythology was interesting too.
But one day I suddenly realized that these seemingly normal people really believe that all these stories from the Bible were real.
I had recently completed a 12 Step program for my drinking problem and had been reintroduced to the idea of a higher being who was in charge and could help us do things we couldn’t do ourselves.
Well, I have always believed there was a God… maybe more than one.
It seemed to me that there were a lot of people who believed in a lot of different Gods.
I had been praying a lot lately and I definitely felt that my prayers had been answered so I was really interested in finding out more about this God. I could have just taken a “leap of faith” like a lot of people do and just accept everything the preacher said as true, but I’m just not wired that way. I started researching the history of the church and the Bible.
The turning point for me was when I read a book called “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. Lee Strobel was a very successful investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune. He was an atheist and after finding that his wife was turning into a Jesus fan, he set out to prove the fallacy of the Bible thumping Christians. I hate to ruin the book for you but after extensive investigation, Lee Strobel became a Christian.( to be continued)