“My Pet Letter From Heaven” is now available on Amazon

My Pet Letter From Heaven


I just finished my book, “My Pet Letter From Heaven” and it is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

“My Pet Letter From Heaven: Comforting pet-loss message from a pet in Heaven with surprise twist ending designed to help the bereaved through the grieving process, especially for children who have lost a beloved pet with original illustrations by author and owner of Heavenly Images.”

If you recently lost a beloved friend, I am very sorry for your loss and I wish I could just say something that would take away all the pain… but I can’t.

When I created my first memorial picture of my dad in Heaven with Jesus, I felt such a peace when I looked at it. Even though I knew it wasn’t a real picture of my dad in Heaven with Jesus, it helped me to visualize something that I knew was real. I also knew that the reality of Heaven was more beautiful than any picture I could create or even imagine.

That’s the same way I felt when I wrote this letter from my pet. Even though I knew it wasn’t a real letter, it brought me comfort to think that the reality of Heaven is even better than I can begin to imagine or write about. It brings me peace to think about Heaven – how magnificent it will be and how we will all be back together again someday.

So please, just let go of this world for a moment and try to imagine the very real world of Heaven. You can change anything you don’t agree with and visualize your special friend as you would have them be. And no matter how great you imagine Heaven to be, just know that the reality will be even better.

I pray this book might bring you some comfort and peace.

God bless you.