Do You Believe In Heaven?


Do you believe in Heaven?

Do you believe in fairy tales too?…

…or how ‘bout mythology?

How can an intelligent person believe in Heaven?

If you believe in Jesus, you almost have to believe in Heaven.

But that’s the problem…how could any really intelligent person believe in Jesus. At least not the Jesus they try to sell you at church. I mean, come on, talk about your fairy tales. How could you possibly believe that God decided to leave his place in Heaven and come to Earth to be born in a stable, live as a commoner among us, teach us about love and then allow us to kill him in the most gruesome manner just to show us the greatest love of all? Are you serious?
Well, it’s right there in the Bible people would always tell me.

Well so what? Isn’t that just a book of fairy tales? Anything can and does happen in the Bible. You’ve got a flood covering the whole world. Nine hundred year old people. A man who parts the sea. Another man who survives living in the belly of a whale for 3 days…I could go on and on.

But all of that is in the “Old Testament”. We don’t really know when the old testament was written.

But I was astonished to find out that the “New Testament” (the story of Jesus), was written within 3 to 37 years of Jesus’ death. Which means it can’t be a fairy tale or even a legend. Too many eye witnesses were still alive for someone to get away with making it all up. And anyway, what would be the motivation for making it up. The main followers of Jesus were scared to death after he was killed and were in hiding. Do you think they made up a story about Jesus rising up from the grave because they suddenly decided they wanted to be martyrs and get nailed to a cross also? It just doesn’t make sense.
Could it be that Jesus really did come back to life again after being horribly executed? Could it be that He really did appear to over 5000 people over a 40 day period? That might have given the disciples the courage to come out of hiding and start spreading the Word that Jesus had given them…the Word that has amazingly spread to every corner of the globe.
The truth is that the New Testament is one of the most widely authenticated documents in the world. And as for historical accuracy, the New Testament is much more reliable than many other documents that we take for historical fact. For instance, the historical accounts of Alexander the Great were written 500 years after his death. We know that some elements of his story have been exaggerated, yet we accept these accounts as fact.
Many people say you have a lot of faith to believe in Jesus. I don’t really think so. Knowing what I know now, I’d say you’d have to have a lot of faith not to believe in Jesus. In fact, you have a lot more faith than me if you are willing to bet this life and (if you are wrong) the rest of eternity on the fact that Jesus was not God who came to Earth in human form to show us how to love one another.
Jesus believed in Heaven.
Do you?
How can an intelligent person believe in Heaven?
That’s what I used to ask.
Now I ask,

“How can an intelligent person

not believe in Heaven?”

Jesus with white German Shepherd