I Admire the Faith of the Atheist

Faith of the Atheist

I know the whole idea of being an atheist is that you don’t believe in anything but actually that is a belief in itself. The faith of the atheist is really quite astounding to me. The atheist actually has more faith than the believer in my humble opinion. You see, I believe that there is a God and that he created the earth so that he could live here with us here on earth. I believe that he did come to earth and died for my (our) sins and that because I believe in him I will go to Heaven when I die. I have faith in that belief.

The atheist, on the other hand believes that there is no God and that this life is all there is and when this life is over, we just … stop existing. The atheist has faith in this belief.

If you really think about it. What do I have to lose by believing in God and Heaven. I’m not really risking anything.  If I’m right, I get to go to Heaven. If I’m wrong then I will just … stop existing. I’m not any worse off than the atheist because I believed something that wasn’t.

The atheist, on the other hand is risking not going to Heaven if they are wrong. It seems to me that the atheist has to have a lot more faith in their belief than I do. The atheist has a lot more to lose if they are wrong than the believer in God and Heaven.

I dare you to ask God to show you that he is real. The best proof that I know of that God is real is the way he changes people’s lives. But he won’t force himself upon you. You have to ask him. Again… I dare you… just ask him to show you that he is real. Just say, “Hey God, if you are real, let me know you are there – show me a sign.” I dare you!

What have you got to lose?