Heaven On Earth

Creating Heaven on Earth

We need to be taking care of this planet. It’s not a “green” thing. It’s not a liberal thing. It’s not a “tree-huggy” thing. It’s a Biblical thing.
Some people have the idea that this world is disposable. That when we die, none of the physical attributes of earth will be restored in Heaven. Some people think that we will just be spiritual beings floating around in the cosmos playing our harps and wearing diapers… really? I don’t think so.

In the ancient world, a lot of people, groups, philosophers and such had a prejudice against matter. They thought it was at least inferior if not altogether evil. They felt like the human being was a soul trapped in a body. The body was bad. And when they died, they were at last free of the physical confines of the body and could go to Heaven… or be reincarnated or whatever. They looked down on the physical world as being inferior compared to the spiritual world. This belief was so prevalent, even in the first century that John felt it important to remind everyone in I John that Jesus was indeed fully human because many people of the day were trying to act like Jesus (and/or God) could never lower themselves to become actual physical beings… like Jesus was really just a phantom of some kind.

But God loves this physical world. He created it. In Genesis I God created the world and he said it was good… and it was good. So what happened… what’s the matter with matter? All the matter on this earth has been corrupted. Take our bodies for instance. God loves our bodies. He created human beings and he said, “It is very good.” We may not love our bodies. As I get older I am finding more and more aches and pains. I used to know where they came from but now I don’t even try to figure it out. Some days my body just says “Today I just decided to ache.”

But it’s not just us. All of matter is corrupted. Even nature is all screwed up. We have animals devouring other animals. We have all kinds of diseases. Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, famine, floods and on and on.

But it won’t always be that way.

When God brings the new Heaven on Earth, everything will be restored the way it was meant to be… the way it was in The Garden. Yes, that is right “Heaven on Earth”. That’s what is says in Revelation. “I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.” Revelation 21:2 God is coming down here to live with us again. That is why he created us in the first place… so he could live here on earth with us.

And not only will the new Heaven on Earth be our home, it will be our Kingdom. And we will rule over the Earth with God as God had originally intended. In Genesis 1 it says, “God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”” In Revelation 5 it says, “You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth.”

But what does it mean to rule over the Earth and the animals? Remember that everything in the Kingdom of God is upside down. It’s the upside down Kingdom. The whole book of Revelation is about how God subdued the world by using, not “Babylon power” or “power over” but by using “Lamb power” or “power under”. That is shown is Revelation with the “Secret of the scroll”. Everyone was crying because no one could be found who was worthy to open the scroll. No one but the “Lamb” who had become worthy but self sacrifice and by “coming under” to conquer the evil one on Calvary. That is how we are to rule over the Earth… by sacrifice and by coming under the rulers and powers and dominions, not only in Heaven but if we are to live as Kingdom people now, we should be sacrificing for the Earth and the animals now instead of treating them as we do so much of the time. God created this Earth and the animals and he said they are good. Everything in the world is corrupted now but God is not giving up on his creation. He will restoring everything to it’s perfected state just as it was meant to be when he restores Heaven on Earth.

picture of dog with Jesus in Heaven
Dog do go to Heaven…

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer
The Fisher-Price Baby bouncer is the ultimate baby bouncer chair. First of all, this chair was very easy to assemble. It’s well made and lightweight. This isn’t the first one we’ve tried out. We had one that was hard for the baby to see out of. She didn’t want to stay in it for long. Next, we tried out a chair that reclined but the arm hit our granddaughter’s head when she was only a couple of months old. She now much older and still has plenty of room to grow in this chair.

The toys on this chair spin around which makes them much more entertaining for the baby. Instead of becoming frustrated as she did with the other chairs when she couldn’t pull the toys close enough to chew on them, she has fun twirling them around and watching them spin. I believe this is very helpful in developing her motor skills also.

The Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is a very highly rated choice of baby furniture. Although this item has received a majority of great reviews, there are also a few complaints. The number one complaint I found was that in some cases, larger toddlers have reportedly been able to flip the bouncer over. I would have to think that adults would be responsible for this to have occurred. Fisher-Price specifies the child’s weight limit of 25 pounds and should not be used once a child can sit up on their own.

About Me

My name is Barry Barnes. I’m a real person and I care about people. I write articles about products I have used for those people. I’ve been creating websites and writing articles about a wide variety of products for almost 20 years now. I find myself more and more interested in items for babies now that I have become a grandfather. I wouldn’t normally create a website for any single item I purchase, but the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is so exceptional that I just had to share my love for it.

Thank you for visiting.

God bless.

Dealing with Pet-Loss

I’m dealing with pet-loss.

picture of my cat Sammy

Do cats go to Heaven?

Silly question, I know… of course they do.

But dealing with pet-loss is still very hard.
I miss Sammy so much… it hurts so bad…
I know I am getting better but it’s like 2 steps forward and one step back again. I know I will be okay eventually. What helps me the most is thinking of how Sammy is the lucky one. He has gone to a better place where there is no more pain or sorrow. I’m really just feeling sorry for myself because I have to go on without him… and I can hardly do anything around the house without thinking about him and missing him terribly.

My Sammy Boy went to Heaven this past Sunday (9/4/2016). He was my very good friend. I can’t say “my best friend” because my wife, Jenny is my best friend of course. But Sammy was the first to greet me when I came home from work. I always took the time to say “Hi” and give him at least a rub on his head. He pretty much followed me everywhere I would go around the house if he could. And if for some reason, Sammy wasn’t waiting for me when I came out the door, all I had to do was call… and he came running to me… and I mean running! He loved me almost as much as I loved him.

Sammy has been with us for almost 15 years. But you would never guess his age by the way he acted. He still had the spirit of a kitten and was in great physical condition. He was beautiful also. I never thought I’d be dealing with pet-loss grief any time in the near future.

It must have been destiny that brought Sammy into our lives. I had always had an affection for cats but had never had one of my own. Jenny had never had cats as pets growing up on her family’s farm (just barn cats) and didn’t really have any desire to have one… until our daughter expressed a strong need for a feline companion. We found ourselves at the Humane Society browsing for cats of all things. The Animal Shelter was full to over-capacity and they were using one of their bathrooms as a nursery for a momma cat and a litter of kittens. That was the first time I saw Sammy. The kittens didn’t even have their eyes open yet and were crawling around helpless on the floor of the bathroom. I looked at Jenny as I pointed at Sammy and said, “That’s the one I want”. He was just a fuzzy little yellow TY toy. To this day I don’t really know why but I knew there was something special about him.

Sammy was blessed from the time he was born. He and his siblings had lost their real mother and had been taken to the Shelter to most likely die. But fate intervened as about the same time a mother cat at the Shelter had lost all her kittens and thankfully was more than willing to adopt these tiny refugees. I can attest to the devotion of Sammy’s step-mother as we ended up taking the whole tribe home with us and foster caring for them. Amazingly enough, it was my wife idea. We almost ended up keeping all of the cats, including the mother, but in the end, common sense prevailed. We ended up keeping Sammy, of course, and we had to keep his sister, Missy who was always watching out for him and keeping him out of trouble.

Sammy was a big baby for quite a while and he would have been lost without Missy there to take care of him. Missy is a rock. She was lost at first when Sammy was suddenly absent, but she is already recovering nicely. I was worried about her at first but now I know she is going to be alright. Missy is better at dealing with pet-loss than I am. She is now finally getting the attention from me that she didn’t always get when Sammy was around. I tried not to let it show but it was certainly no secret who was my favorite. I think Missy is trying to fill Sammy’s shoes now as she has begun to follow me around like Sammy always did.

I love Missy but I know she can never take Sammy’s place. No one can. Sammy was always the adventurer… the climber… the jumper… with dare devil antics abound. He had one cauliflower ear from falling out of the basement ceiling tile when he was just few years old. One of his favorite tricks in his younger days was to climb up on some piece of furniture like the refrigerator or the corner hutch and wait for me to walk close enough for him to leap on my shoulder. He scared the heck out of me more than once. One of our favorite tricks was to face each other and when I patted my chest and said “Jump!”, he would jump up into my arms and then climb upon my shoulder. He loved for me to carry him around on my shoulder and never tired of it.

I’m going to stop here for now but I will keep adding to this “Tribute” to my friend. It’s therapy for me.

I’m dealing with pet-loss as best I can.

photo of Sammy, Missy and Nicky
Nicky playing with Sammy while Missy lays in her box.

We Will Reign Over the Animals in Heaven

Animals In Heaven?

In Genesis, God creates all the animals on the earth and then he creates Mankind in his own image. He blesses us and tells us that we are to rule or reign over all the animals on earth. In Revelation, God tells us that we are to reign over all the animals in Heaven.

Before the fall, this was a beautiful thing. Ruling and/or reigning over the animals in the “Garden” didn’t resemble anything like the animal ruling that we have on the earth today. But someday, when Jesus comes back, we will have a “new”(restored) earth  and we will once again have reign over all the animals in Heaven.

But that is not to say that we will be dictators as such over the animals in Heaven. To understand what God actually had in mind and still has in mind today, we need to take a look at what it means to “reign” as we find it explained in Revelation. John tells us that when the earth is restored to it’s former glory (Heaven) after Jesus comes back, we will once again reign over all the animals (just one more reason to believe that there will be animals in Heaven). It actually says that we will reign with Christ.

How does Christ reign? You have to remember that everything in the Kingdom is opposite of what we think here in the present world. That’s why Jesus’ Kingdom is sometimes referred to as the “Upside down” Kingdom. The first shall be last. The master becomes the servant. Jesus even washed the feet of the one he knew would betray him. We think of ruling others by using force or power over them. Christ always conquered by using power under. He defeated Satan by submitting to the power of the world and allowed himself to be put to death in a very horrific manner.

In Revelation, we see all of the inhabitants of the Heavenly Realms frantically searching for someone worthy enough to open the Holy scrolls. Finally, the only one found who is worthy is the Lamb. The Lamb is the one who laid down his life for mankind. The lamb is the one who defeated Satan and death. The Lamb is the ultimate servant.

And the Lamb is also the one who will reign over Heaven. And will reign with him. But we will reign by serving and caring. We will be serving and caring for all the animals.

And if we are “Kingdom” people now, that is what we should also be doing now. Being Kingdom people means being a servant and caring for others more than for ourselves. That means we should be thinking now about how we treat this earth. We should be serving and taking care of not only each other but we should be serving and taking care of everything on this earth…. not just the animals but also the trees, the air, the oceans… everything. That’s not a tree huggy, green thing… it’s a Biblical thing.