Where Else To Buy Your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Where Else To Buy Your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Okay, so in review, in my last post, I went on and on about buying your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer at Wal-mart as being my first choice. Please go back and read that post (“Where to Buy A Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer“)

But as I said in that post, one of the cons of buying from Wal-mart is that they usually have a limited selection of models to choose from.
Let’s say you found the one you really want for your child on another site like say, for example, the Fisher-Price website.

Or maybe you were shopping and you really want to buy your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer at your local Babies R Us but you think the price is a bit high.
So Wal-mart doesn’t have it in stock locally and you can’t find it on Wal-mart Online either.
My next “go to” for anything I even think about purchasing is Amazon. Amazon has almost every model of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. Amazon usually has a better price than any one else too (except maybe Wal-mart).

Amazon Prime Membership

If you buy very much stuff from Amazon, it really pays to become a “Prime” member. For around $100 per year, you and get free 2 day shipping on most items. Some people will try to tell you that they jack up the prices on the prime items to make up for the shipping. I will tell you that in most cases that just isn’t true.

My wife and I have been Prime members for years. We love it and highly recommend it to all our family and friends. If you only order a dozen or so items a year, the Prime membership will pay for itself very quickly in shipping costs.
Not only that, with your Prime membership, you also have access to lots of free movies and TV shows. We find great videos to watch through the Amazon Prime app on our Blu-Ray DVD player.

So, in conclusion, you can buy your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer at Amazon with free 2 day shipping.

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Just Believe In Jesus-That’s It

Just Believe In Jesus

It really is just that simple… just believe in Jesus.
Jesus never told anyone that they had to change their ways before they could enter the “Kingdom”. Even when the thief on the cross along side Jesus said, “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!” And He said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”

Jesus didn’t say, “Hey buddy, do you smoke or drink alcohol or do drugs or cuss? Have you ever been divorced or you’re not gay are you? First you have to clean up your act and then maybe we’ll talk about you coming to Paradise.” No, he never said that.
But that is the usual way that people think change comes about. The normal way to change someone is to say if you do this and that, then you will be get the reward that you deserve. Not with Jesus. Jesus says just believe in me and I will give you everything right now… change will come upon you as your love for Jesus manifests itself.
Too many people think that they must quit all of their bad habits before they can ask Jesus into their lives and become a Christian…wrong!
You don’t have to change anything about yourself. Jesus loves you just the way you are. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, or what you are doing. Jesus loves you unconditionally. And when you ask Him to come into your life-you will begin to see miracles.
It’s free…just try it. What have you got to lose. Just say, “Jesus, I believe in you and I would love for you to come into my life. Let me feel your spirit within me. Guide me and comfort me. Give me peace and Joy. Thank you Jesus. -Amen”
Just believe in Jesus!
And by the way… in answer to the question, “Do dogs go to Heaven?
“Yes, they most definitely do!”

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God

Sorry to use the Old King James Version for this quote but I was surprised to find that so many people search for exactly this verse, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.”. That would be Matthew 6:33 KJV.

I know I am probably offending a lot of people by apologizing for using the King James Version. I do know some people who believe that the King James version is the only real version of the Bible. After all, that’s the way it was written by Moses… right??? lol.
But seriously, I find it very hard to read at times. Being a rather old fart, I grew up when their weren’t so many readily available translations as there are today. So I memorized a lot of scripture from the King James Bible as I was growing up. Some scriptures, for example the 23rd Psalm, just don’t sound right to me unless I hear them from the King James Version.
Personally, I don’t give a rat’s behind which version of the Bible you use. Just pick one and use it. I have several and like to switch between to get a fresh view sometimes. I guess I would have to say my favorites are the New Living Translation, The Word, and the New Living Translation Amplified.

Where To Buy A Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Where To Buy A Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

This is a picture of a Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer in the box.
Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

First of all, when it’s time for me to buy a Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer, or anything else, for that matter, Wal-Mart is my number one “go to” marketplace.

If I can find what I am looking for at my local Wal-Mart store, that’s a no brainer. Buy it… try it out… if you don’t like it… take it back.

Especially, when it comes to a product for my grandchild, like the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. Why should you be stuck with something that just doesn’t work for you.

I know that a lot of people abuse the Wal-Mart return policy but that’s not my problem. Wal-Mart can afford it and I don’t really feel sorry for them. I don’t feel that I abuse the system myself. I spend a lot of money at my local Wal-Mart and this is one of the main reasons why I do.

Another reason to buy from Wal-Mart is they have performed some of the screening process for you. They tend to not order products that have a high return count.

Especially, when you are shopping for something like the Fisher Price Baby Bouncer where there are so many options. Wal-Mart will only carry the products that have proven themselves over time (except for new models that have recently been introduced).

Try Wal-mart Online

One of the drawbacks of shopping at Wal-Mart is that they may not have exactly what you are looking for. But that’s really not a problem. You don’t even have to visit the store to find out if the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer of your choice is in stock.

Just go to Wal-Mart Online and put your local store as the your default store and you can look up your item without even leaving the house.

Just the other day, I was looking for the best antiseptic to treat a cut on my dog’s foot. I used Mercola’s Pet Site to find the best medicine (povidone iodine). I then went to wal-mart.com and searched for povidone iodine at my local store. Not only does it tell me that they have it, it tells me that it is located in isle F-7.

I didn’t even realized that the isles in my walmart were numbered…. but they are (you have to look closely for the isle numbers sometimes). I got in the car and went to my Wal-mart and found the povidone iodine and it was on isle F-7.

Wal-Mart is getting better and better at providing a quality online experience for their customers. Since their recent acquisition of jet.com Wal-Mart’s online proficiency has grown exponentially.

They are now offering free 2 day shipping on many items in an attempt to emulate Amazon’s online prowess.

In conclusion I would just like to say that Wal-mart is my number one choice to shop in most instances. If I can’t find it there, my next choice is… coming next post.

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Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow

Which Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is right for you? The Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow is just one of dozens of options available to you.

On the one hand you might think that you want to get the most expensive option… after all doesn’t your child or grandchild deserve the best? You get what you pay for… right? Not necessarily in this case.

this is a photo of a Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow with a child in it.
Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow

The Geo Meadow costs around $30 and would have to be considered the economy model of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers. But I would not call it a “stripped down” model. On the contrary, the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow has a lot more than our first baby bouncer.

This is a photo of the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer which focuses on the toys on the removable toy bar.
Fisher Price Baby Bouncer Removable Toy Bar

Unlike our first one, this bouncer has a removable toy bar with toys that twirl. It also features a very quiet vibrator option that can easily be turned with the flip of a switch. Just be sure to turn it off. Since it is so quiet, it is easy to forget that the vibrator is even running. We have gone through a few batteries because of this.

This photo show the location of the vibrator switch on the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow
Vibrator switch location on the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow

I personally love this option of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer because it was reasonably priced, easy to assemble, light-weight, durable, and most of all, our grandbaby loves it. If our granddaughter had not been so pleased with this option, I’m sure we would have kept upgrading till we found one she liked.

For example, you can get a model with music and soothing sounds for about $10 more. There are a lot of upgrades to choose from and I will post more about some of those options in the near future. (like probably tomorrow)

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Fisher-Price Bouncer Options

Fisher-Price Bouncer Options

If you are new parents, new parents to be, new grandparents or new grandparents to be you want to be sure to have some kind of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on hand.

I fit the grandparents category. We just welcomed our 8th grandchild into the family in November. So I can say from experience how valuable the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is to us. We just purchase another one from Walmart even though we had 2 in the basement from earlier grandbabies.
Here is a little nugget of information you won’t find on a lot of other review sites for Fisher-Price baby bouncers. When your baby gets too big for this bouncer, put it away where your pet cats can’t find them. Cats absolutely love them. Our 2 cats have been using our 2 “retired” Baby Bouncers for so long that we didn’t feel that we could use them for our new grandchild.

Picture of our cat Sammy in Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer
Sammy loves his Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

There are many Fisher-Price Bouncer options. The one shown here with our cat Sammy is a very basic model. It doesn’t even have any toys attached to it.
For our new Fisher-Price Bouncer Option, we chose a “Rocker” model. This model has toys to help entertain the baby. Here is our new granddaughter enjoying her new chair. Although she is still too small to reach the toys, she loves to watch them.

This is a picture of a baby girl in a Fisher-Price Baby Rocker Option
Our granddaughter in her new Fisher-Price Baby Rocker Option

Well, I guess you can’t really see the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer too well in this picture because I couldn’t help getting a close-up of our granddaughter.
So I will step back a bit and take another picture and you can see the difference in the Fisher-Price Baby “Rocker” option.

This is a picture of Snickers, our cat in the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Rocker Model Option
Cats love the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer chair too.

Oops… how did Snickers get in there? lol

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer dotcom Site Disclaimer

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer dotcom Site Disclaimer

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer dotcom is not in any way affiliated with or subsidized by the Fisher-Price Toy Company. I do not collect information from visitors to this Web Site.

I created this website as a product review for the Fisher Price Baby Bouncer; a product manufactured by the Fisher-Price company.

My name is Barry Barnes.
I founded a business name Heavenly Images.
Heavenly Images is all about creating personalized memorial pictures for people in the hopes of helping them get through the grieving process.
I sell my Personalized Memorial Pictures on eBay.
Heavenly Images also sponsors another Website which asks the question, “Do Dogs Go To Heaven“?

Heavenly Images provides the fisherpricebabybouncer.com Web site as a service to the public.

Heavenly Images is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within the site. While the information contained within the site is periodically updated, no guarantee is given that the information provided in this Web site is correct, complete, and up-to-date.

Although the Heavenly Images Web site may include links providing direct access to other Internet resources, including Web sites, Heavenly Images is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information contained in these sites.

Links from Heavenly Images to third-party sites do not constitute an endorsement by Heavenly Images of the parties or their products and services. The appearance on the Web site of advertisements and product or service information does not constitute an endorsement by Heavenly Images, and Heavenly Images has not investigated the claims made by any advertiser.

Heavenly Images does not collect any information from visitors to this site.

The Best Newborn Baby Toy

Best Newborn Baby Toy

Why am I promoting a newborn baby toy on a site that asks the question, “Do dogs go to Heaven“? Simple… I really feel that I have already answered the question, “Do dogs go to Heaven?” quite satisfactorily in my previous post and I feel the need to write about something else. As the grandfather of a newborn baby, I am interested in in the best newborn baby toy. So without further ado here is the product I am promoting in this post.

If you have been visiting my site for any length of time you know by now that you never know what you might find here.

What’s coming up next?

Well, my site is nothing if not eclectic so you can be sure that you can’t logically guess what might show up here next but I guarantee you that it will be something you would never expect. I’m very interested in reviewing many of the products that I have purchased over the years and enlightening my readers of any pros or cons involved in those purchases. I make most of my purchases through eBay, Amazon or Walmart.

And that’s not all.

Not only am I going to share my experiences with my personal purchases, but I will also be sharing my reviews for items I have obtained for my businesses and for our church. For example, I recently purchased a 75 inch Smart TV for our church to use for our iWorship videos. I also bought the equipment to broadcast our iworship videos from the church laptop to the new TV wirelessly.

More on that purchase coming soon… please come back.

God bless…



Today I’ve made no resolution
The New Year page is clean and white.
But thoughts come stealing through my memory
Of just one year ago tonight.

For they were here, our neighbors laddies,
on furloughs, home careless and gay.
It seems unreal that now they’re fighting
On foreign fronts so far away.

So tall and straight they moved among us,
Those gallant lads in uniform.
We loved them, and we prayed dear Jesus,
Please won’t you keep them safe from harm.

Yet, we must pay a price for victory,
For rights to live as free men live.
War takes it’s toll in blood and heart aches.
So some their precious lives must give.

Will it be them? We vaguely wonder,
Our throats contract, the tear drops start,
A costly, costly price for victory.
Those shy sweet lads, dear to our hearts.

“Just the same.” they said at parting,
“Don’t change a thing, don’t move away.
We’ll want the same sweet homey neighbors.
For we’ II be coming back some day.

Again we’ll gather in the evening,
Just as we did those years ago.
You’ll pass around a plate of cookies,
And we’ll take three or four, you know.

The war will seem so far behind us,
We’ll talk of dear familiar things
Of happy days that are before us
In a land where peace and freedom reigns.

Now, with the clean, white page before me,
One resolution I must write.
To work and pray for peace and victory,
To keep the home fires burning bright.

They’ll want it all just like they left it,
Familiar scenes, for which they’ve fought
And let us be forever grateful
For the freedom that they bought.

This is yet another poem written by my Grandma Tucker during World War II. It was published in her local newspaper.

Your Pets In Heaven-Kat Kerr

Your Pets In Heaven

I don’t quite know what to think about this lady. She says that she has been taken on thousands of “tours” of Heaven. Jesus just showed up one day and told her that he wanted to educate her so she could be his spokesperson on earth for him about the coming “Heavenly invasion” of this world. If you listen to her you will be amazed that even though her stories, at first, sound like something a crazy person would be saying… she doesn’t really seem like a crazy person. I want to believe that she is telling the truth. And of course, I love what she has to say about your pets in Heaven.
Actually, we agree on the idea of your pets in Heaven and she says pretty much the same thing that I have been saying. People probably think I’m crazy too. Maybe we are both crazy.

I will say that I enjoy listening to Kat Kerr. She makes the idea of Heaven more real to me and she is fun to listen to. I wish she hadn’t brought politics into the picture however. But then again, I hope she is right about Trump too. She believe that Trump was chosen by God for this special time when she says that God is moving a lot of spiritual beings to the earth to start a Revelation… not a revival.

Time will tell

Anyway, I guess time will tell if Kat Kerr is for real or not. She has already made a few prophecies. She stated before the presidential election that Trump would be elected. As I stated previously, Trump was “chosen by God” according to Kerr. I don’t take that too seriously as a prophecy however as she had a 50/50 chance of getting that right.
I’m waiting to see God move in a big way here in the next few months. Kat says that we will see some amazing things here in the near future. I really hope that she is for real.

Click here and then search “Your pets in Heaven-Kat Kerr” to see the video of Kat Kerr and what she has to say about pets in Heaven.