Your the Lucky One – Song About My Friend in Heaven

Your the Lucky One – Song About Going to Heaven

I finally published my song about my friend in Heaven on youtube. So without further ado…

I actually “wrote” this song about my friend in Heaven back in September of 2016 after my good friend Sammy was killed in a tragic car accident. It still hits me like a knife between the eyes when I think about the reality of his passing.

Actually, the song wrote itself in my head as I tried to deal with my grief. Sammy was a big beautiful yellow/orange Tom Cat. When I first met Sammy, almost 15 years ago, it was love at first sight.

My wife and I were visiting our local animal shelter in hopes of finding a kitten for our daughter. I’ve always loved cats. My wife, having grown up on a farm, had never really thought of cats as pets. All she had ever known were barn cats… a necessary tool as far as she was concerned. Cats were necessary for mouse control but not much good for anything else. Farmers don’t usually try to make pets out of their “mousers”.

But my wife was willing to take on a kitten for the love of our daughter. We hadn’t really found anything as we browsed the shelter until we were told to be careful of the bathroom as there was a mama cat and a litter of kittens living there. The shelter was filled to excess capacity! We had to take a peek and were greeted to the site of huge black and white mother cat with 4 helpless kittens with their eyes still closed. There was only one yellow one. As soon as I laid eyes on Sammy, I picked him up and told my wife, “This is the one I want.”

We ended up volunteering as foster parents and took the mother and her kittens home to live with us. That was fifteen years ago. My wife is now a cat lover too.

Do Dogs Go To Heaven-The Song-By Barry Barnes

Do Dogs Go To Heaven-The Song

Do dogs go to Heaven?
I think you know they do.
Jesus takes all dogs to Heaven
Because he loves them too.

Does the sun rise every morning?
And set again each night?
Do stars come out
To to say hello
Until the morning light

And do dogs go to Heaven?
I think you know they do.
Jesus takes all dogs to Heaven
Because he loves them too.

Do children laugh?
Do mother’s cry?
Do fathers sometimes leave?
Jesus takes them all to Heaven
Because he loves them too.

Do you believe that Jesus died for you?
That he died because he loves you?
Do you believe that there’s a Heaven too?
That he went to prepare a place for you?

This song is a work in progress. When I get it finished, I will record it with a video and publish it on youtube. For now I will link to another song of mine which is currently on youtube. The video features many of my pet memorial pictures which I sell on eBay. Here is the video:

In conclusion, I must say that I really believe that we will be reunited with all our loved ones “after all”.
Thank you for visiting.
God bless.

personalized memorial picture

Personalized Pet Memorial Pictures Make Unique Gifts

Personalized Pet Memorial Pictures Make Unique Gifts

I create and sell personalized pet memorials on eBay. They make very unique gifts. Most of my business is from people purchasing a picture for themselves. But some of my customers are just trying to help someone they know cope with the loss of a loved one. One of my personalized pet memorials makes a very caring gift to give someone you love. Do dogs go to Heaven? My customers certainly believe they do.

Words from recent customers:

“Hello, Yesterday my son and daughter in law lost their long hair White German Shepard . I have purchased two of these wonderful Memorial’s from you in the past . One for me for my white German Shepard . Also one for my son who lost his Beagle named Adorno. Their White German Shepard’s name is YETI Would you PLEASE send the memorial to them so they will get it faster.”personalized memorial picture

“I just purchased this memorial for our dog Sadie. I forgot to mention that my wife’s birthday is on April 24th. It was her dog that passed. I don’t know if it could get to us by then but it would be great if it could. Thank you.”

“This is actually for my neighbor. They just lost Mario a few weeks ago. I certainly understand the pain though. We do rescue, mainly seniors, and have lost several in the past few years. It never gets easier.”

“…cant wait to get it and have it framed for her…ironically her birthday is coming up to…
I know shes gonna cry…but I think this pic will offer comfort…thanks!”

“Hello, if I send you a picture of my mom’s chihuahua can you put her into the picture? She died this morning so I’m trying to get something meaningful made, thanks!-Candice”

“Just wanted to say thank you so much. The picture was absolutely beautiful. My parents lost their beloved Zoey last month, they loved the picture and it means alot to them and me. Thank you again and God bless you for your time and effort in making memorials for our very much missed part of our family.”

If you are searching for a unique gift for someone you care about, please consider on of my personalized pet memorial pictures.

My store is called Heavenly Images and is located on eBay.

Thank you.

God bless,