Trip To The Pie Shoppe-Could Have Been Our Last

Wow!!! We could have been killed today!

My wife and I were on the road. Just a little trip to the bakery. Well, actually the bakery we were traveling to- The Pie Shoppe in Laughlintown, was about 40 miles away  and it takes about an hour to get there. It takes so long because the road- Route 30, better know as the Lincoln Highway, is two lanes of severely neglected twisty mountainous asphalt with way too many trucks on it. It could easily turn into a two hour trip if you get behind enough log trucks or semis.

This is a photo of baked goods at The Pie Shoppe
The Pie Shoppe

The Pie Shoppe

Our son Nathan is getting married on Saturday and my wife had been searching for a scrumptious desert for the rehearsal Friday night… Cheesecake! The best cheesecake in these parts has to be at The Pie Shoppe.

We have been eating cheesecake from The Pie Shoppe for years – ever since we found out about them when searching for a new source of fund raising for our church. Of course they have great pies also, not to mention a great variety of other assorted baked goods.

Anyway, back to the road trip… we were just about to the “Ship Hotel”, a famous landmark around these parts. The Ship Hotel was quite a tourist attraction back in the day. It bragged that from the Hotel you could see 7 counties and 3 states.

Old photo of the Ship Hotel
The Ship Hotel






It eventually became dilapidated, abandoned and finally, what was left of it was destroyed by fire.

This is a current photo show where the Ship Hotel once stood.
Nothing left of the Ship Hotel today.

You know when you are getting close to the site of the landmark when you come to a hairpin turn in the road and then begin a rather steep climb up the mountain.

As we approached the landmark’s graveyard from below, I was shocked to hear a load bang. I looked up the road, maybe 30 yards or so and was horrified to see a large pickup truck pulling an even larger recreational trailer behind it.

The truck or the trailer or both had just slammed against the guard rail obviously very much out of control. Something large and black flew off either the truck or the trailer from the impact with the guardrail and came flying past us as the the runaway truck drew closer.

The trailer was fishtailing severely and I silently prayed that the driver could keep control until it passed us. I think my heart was totally stopped as the truck and trailer managed to pass by without hitting us.

Now I audibly began to pray for the driver and whoever else might be in the vehicle as it was heading for the hairpin turn at much too fast. As I watched him in my rear view mirror as he crossed over into the oncoming traffic land and I knew he was no closer to bringing his tandem under control.

(To be continued in Part II)