Animals Can See Angels and Demons

Animals Can See Angels and Demons

Remember that story in the Bible about Balaam and the Donkey? Three times the donkey saw the Angel of the Lord with his sword drawn to kill Balaam. Three times, the donkey saved Balaam’s life by disobeying Balaam and taking a beating.

Balaam never saw the Angel until the Lord allowed him too. But the donkey saw him. I don’t think the Lord was revealing the Angel specifically to the donkey. That would have been counter productive to the Angel’s mission it would seem. The Angel was severely hindered in his task by the rebellious donkey.

Could it be that animal can see Angels and Demons. After all, if Angels are present all around us all the time as many claim, animals would not even react to them for the most part. Unless, say one of them was coming toward their owner in a menacing manner.

I’m sure we’ve all heard many stories of animal acting in strange ways that we couldn’t understand until after the fact. Dogs especially seem to have a “sixth sense” about people. They know immediately, without having ever seen a person before, whether they are good or evil. Perhaps, not only can they see Angels wielding swords, but maybe they can also see the Demons perched upon someone’s shoulder.

Some people claim to be able to “discern” evil spirits or demons. I personally know a lutheran minister who claims to be able to see demons of peoples shoulders.

Cats also seem to be able to sense good and evil. Just watch a cat in a room crowded with people that you know. If there are two individuals who are known to be hostile towards each other, the cat will never sit between them. On the other hand, if two people and known to have great affection for each other, just wait a bit and see if the cat does not gravitate toward these two and most likely settle eventually in their midst. In conclusion, I do believe that animals can see Angels and Demons.