My Favorite Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Favorite Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

I have to confess that my favorite Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is not a Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer at all. It is actually a Fisher-Price Baby Rocker. Why would you want a rocker instead of the bouncer? Good question.

Actually, I would prefer to have both… and I do. But if I could only have one, I really think I would rather own the Fisher-Price Baby Rocker than the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer.

The reason is simple. This chair has so many more options than the standard Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. It is even an upgrade from the Snugabunny Baby Bouncer. It has a higher weight limit so your baby won’t outgrow it in a few months.

The construction is sturdier so when your child starts getting more rambunctious, this chair will hold up to the challenge. It also has adjustable reclining levels and switches to a Toddler Rocker too.

Now I need to tell you about the price. If you go to my “number one go to” Walmart and can find this model in stock… you will be Golden. You can find it for less than 40 bucks. But if Walmart doesn’t have it in stock at your local store, just go to and use their “Free 2 day shipping” option. And remember, you can check to see if your local Walmart has any item in stock just by searching for it on

If for some reason you don’t like the Walmart option and want to go to my “number 2 go to” option, Amazon, just be sure and keep searching till you find the Fisher-Price Baby Rocker for less than 40 bucks and offers free shipping (your might have to be an “Amazon Prime” member to get the free shipping option). I explain about all the advantages of being an “Amazon Prime” member in my previous post.
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Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on eBay?

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on eBay

Hello and welcome back to my Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Review site. Today I would just like to give my review on purchasing a Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on eBay.

Without repeating myself to much (you can just scroll down to read any of my previous posts on the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer), I would like to say in review that I buy just about everything from one of 3 places.

Walmart is first because it’s local and if they have exactly what I want, I can get it now. I go to Amazon next if Walmart doesn’t work because I have a “Prime” membership and I can get most items in 2 days with free shipping and the price is usually pretty close to Walmart.

When to eBay?

There are times however, when I go to the marketplace that ranks third on my list… eBay. The Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on eBay would probably not be my first choice. The exception would be if the particular model that I was looking for (and there are a lot of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers to choose from) was not to be found at either Walmart or Amazon.

There are many time that I would actually prefer to make my purchase from eBay rather than Amazon. Amazon does not really have the reliable feedback system that eBay has in place. EBay severely penalizes their seller if they don’t deliver good products and services.

Amazon on the other hand does not. So if you are looking for something that could be questionable depending on who you were purchasing it from, you might be better of to buy it from a highly rated eBay seller than you would be to buy it from an independent Amazon seller.

The trick is to check out the eBay sellers reputation first. If they are an established eBay seller with a 100% feedback score, they don’t want to do anything to mess up that seller reputation.

But I would almost always choose Walmart first over Amazon or eBay. The only exception being that I could save a lot of money by purchasing from eBay.

Where Else To Buy Your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Where Else To Buy Your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Okay, so in review, in my last post, I went on and on about buying your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer at Wal-mart as being my first choice. Please go back and read that post (“Where to Buy A Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer“)

But as I said in that post, one of the cons of buying from Wal-mart is that they usually have a limited selection of models to choose from.
Let’s say you found the one you really want for your child on another site like say, for example, the Fisher-Price website.

Or maybe you were shopping and you really want to buy your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer at your local Babies R Us but you think the price is a bit high.
So Wal-mart doesn’t have it in stock locally and you can’t find it on Wal-mart Online either.
My next “go to” for anything I even think about purchasing is Amazon. Amazon has almost every model of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. Amazon usually has a better price than any one else too (except maybe Wal-mart).

Amazon Prime Membership

If you buy very much stuff from Amazon, it really pays to become a “Prime” member. For around $100 per year, you and get free 2 day shipping on most items. Some people will try to tell you that they jack up the prices on the prime items to make up for the shipping. I will tell you that in most cases that just isn’t true.

My wife and I have been Prime members for years. We love it and highly recommend it to all our family and friends. If you only order a dozen or so items a year, the Prime membership will pay for itself very quickly in shipping costs.
Not only that, with your Prime membership, you also have access to lots of free movies and TV shows. We find great videos to watch through the Amazon Prime app on our Blu-Ray DVD player.

So, in conclusion, you can buy your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer at Amazon with free 2 day shipping.

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Where To Buy A Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Where To Buy A Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

This is a picture of a Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer in the box.
Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

First of all, when it’s time for me to buy a Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer, or anything else, for that matter, Wal-Mart is my number one “go to” marketplace.

If I can find what I am looking for at my local Wal-Mart store, that’s a no brainer. Buy it… try it out… if you don’t like it… take it back.

Especially, when it comes to a product for my grandchild, like the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. Why should you be stuck with something that just doesn’t work for you.

I know that a lot of people abuse the Wal-Mart return policy but that’s not my problem. Wal-Mart can afford it and I don’t really feel sorry for them. I don’t feel that I abuse the system myself. I spend a lot of money at my local Wal-Mart and this is one of the main reasons why I do.

Another reason to buy from Wal-Mart is they have performed some of the screening process for you. They tend to not order products that have a high return count.

Especially, when you are shopping for something like the Fisher Price Baby Bouncer where there are so many options. Wal-Mart will only carry the products that have proven themselves over time (except for new models that have recently been introduced).

Try Wal-mart Online

One of the drawbacks of shopping at Wal-Mart is that they may not have exactly what you are looking for. But that’s really not a problem. You don’t even have to visit the store to find out if the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer of your choice is in stock.

Just go to Wal-Mart Online and put your local store as the your default store and you can look up your item without even leaving the house.

Just the other day, I was looking for the best antiseptic to treat a cut on my dog’s foot. I used Mercola’s Pet Site to find the best medicine (povidone iodine). I then went to and searched for povidone iodine at my local store. Not only does it tell me that they have it, it tells me that it is located in isle F-7.

I didn’t even realized that the isles in my walmart were numbered…. but they are (you have to look closely for the isle numbers sometimes). I got in the car and went to my Wal-mart and found the povidone iodine and it was on isle F-7.

Wal-Mart is getting better and better at providing a quality online experience for their customers. Since their recent acquisition of Wal-Mart’s online proficiency has grown exponentially.

They are now offering free 2 day shipping on many items in an attempt to emulate Amazon’s online prowess.

In conclusion I would just like to say that Wal-mart is my number one choice to shop in most instances. If I can’t find it there, my next choice is… coming next post.

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Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow

Which Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is right for you? The Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow is just one of dozens of options available to you.

On the one hand you might think that you want to get the most expensive option… after all doesn’t your child or grandchild deserve the best? You get what you pay for… right? Not necessarily in this case.

this is a photo of a Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow with a child in it.
Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow

The Geo Meadow costs around $30 and would have to be considered the economy model of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers. But I would not call it a “stripped down” model. On the contrary, the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow has a lot more than our first baby bouncer.

This is a photo of the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer which focuses on the toys on the removable toy bar.
Fisher Price Baby Bouncer Removable Toy Bar

Unlike our first one, this bouncer has a removable toy bar with toys that twirl. It also features a very quiet vibrator option that can easily be turned with the flip of a switch. Just be sure to turn it off. Since it is so quiet, it is easy to forget that the vibrator is even running. We have gone through a few batteries because of this.

This photo show the location of the vibrator switch on the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow
Vibrator switch location on the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo Meadow

I personally love this option of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer because it was reasonably priced, easy to assemble, light-weight, durable, and most of all, our grandbaby loves it. If our granddaughter had not been so pleased with this option, I’m sure we would have kept upgrading till we found one she liked.

For example, you can get a model with music and soothing sounds for about $10 more. There are a lot of upgrades to choose from and I will post more about some of those options in the near future. (like probably tomorrow)

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Fisher-Price Bouncer Options

Fisher-Price Bouncer Options

If you are new parents, new parents to be, new grandparents or new grandparents to be you want to be sure to have some kind of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on hand.

I fit the grandparents category. We just welcomed our 8th grandchild into the family in November. So I can say from experience how valuable the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is to us. We just purchase another one from Walmart even though we had 2 in the basement from earlier grandbabies.
Here is a little nugget of information you won’t find on a lot of other review sites for Fisher-Price baby bouncers. When your baby gets too big for this bouncer, put it away where your pet cats can’t find them. Cats absolutely love them. Our 2 cats have been using our 2 “retired” Baby Bouncers for so long that we didn’t feel that we could use them for our new grandchild.

Picture of our cat Sammy in Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer
Sammy loves his Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

There are many Fisher-Price Bouncer options. The one shown here with our cat Sammy is a very basic model. It doesn’t even have any toys attached to it.
For our new Fisher-Price Bouncer Option, we chose a “Rocker” model. This model has toys to help entertain the baby. Here is our new granddaughter enjoying her new chair. Although she is still too small to reach the toys, she loves to watch them.

This is a picture of a baby girl in a Fisher-Price Baby Rocker Option
Our granddaughter in her new Fisher-Price Baby Rocker Option

Well, I guess you can’t really see the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer too well in this picture because I couldn’t help getting a close-up of our granddaughter.
So I will step back a bit and take another picture and you can see the difference in the Fisher-Price Baby “Rocker” option.

This is a picture of Snickers, our cat in the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Rocker Model Option
Cats love the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer chair too.

Oops… how did Snickers get in there? lol

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer dotcom Site Disclaimer

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer dotcom Site Disclaimer

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Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer
The Fisher-Price Baby bouncer is the ultimate baby bouncer chair. First of all, this chair was very easy to assemble. It’s well made and lightweight. This isn’t the first one we’ve tried out. We had one that was hard for the baby to see out of. She didn’t want to stay in it for long. Next, we tried out a chair that reclined but the arm hit our granddaughter’s head when she was only a couple of months old. She now much older and still has plenty of room to grow in this chair.

The toys on this chair spin around which makes them much more entertaining for the baby. Instead of becoming frustrated as she did with the other chairs when she couldn’t pull the toys close enough to chew on them, she has fun twirling them around and watching them spin. I believe this is very helpful in developing her motor skills also.

The Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is a very highly rated choice of baby furniture. Although this item has received a majority of great reviews, there are also a few complaints. The number one complaint I found was that in some cases, larger toddlers have reportedly been able to flip the bouncer over. I would have to think that adults would be responsible for this to have occurred. Fisher-Price specifies the child’s weight limit of 25 pounds and should not be used once a child can sit up on their own.

About Me

My name is Barry Barnes. I’m a real person and I care about people. I write articles about products I have used for those people. I’ve been creating websites and writing articles about a wide variety of products for almost 20 years now. I find myself more and more interested in items for babies now that I have become a grandfather. I wouldn’t normally create a website for any single item I purchase, but the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is so exceptional that I just had to share my love for it.

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