Why Religions are Bad

Why Religions Are Bad

Religions are bad. Sure, they all mean well but they are all basically all about getting a reward for living a certain way. They are all about behavior. They are all about rules. If you just follow the rules and be good enough you will get the reward at the end of your life. Don’t steal… don’t kill… etc… What’s wrong with that you say?

Well, most religions have rules about what you can do and not do and it is good to have rules about what is right and what is wrong. But religions are bad when people get so caught up in the rules that they lose their compassion for others.

That’s what Jesus ran into with the Pharisees. When he healed someone on the Sabbath, the Pharisees jumped all over Jesus for breaking a rule about working on a day of rest. Jesus certainly wasn’t about following the rules. He broke them every chance he got. Jesus touched the lepers. They had a rule against that. Jesus consorted with prostitutes and tax collectors. No self respecting religious leader of the time would have done that. Jesus not only hung out with the “low lifes” but he even seems to condone their behavior. This was certainly not acceptable for someone who was supposed to be a Rabbi and some even said he was the Messiah.

I think Jesus did this stuff on purpose just to get a rise out of the religious leaders of the time. He was trying to teach them that it wasn’t about the rules. It’s about the heart. It’s about love. God is love.

And God loved us so much that he left Heaven to come down to earth and save us from the power of death that Satan had over us. And now we are no longer doomed to die but are destined to live in Heaven with God forever.

And we will see all our loved ones there including our pets.

Do dogs go to Heaven?