I Will Keep Sharing About Dogs Going To Heaven

Sharing About Dogs Going To Heaven

Creating Pet Memorial pictures for people can be rewarding at times. Likewise, sharing the Good News about how we will be reunited with all our loved ones someday when we are in Heaven. So I will continue to keep on sharing about dogs going to Heaven.

I received this message today from one of my customers, “Thank you so very much….may God bless you too, and keep sharing the fact we WILL see our beloved pets again one day!♡”

Actually, I don’t believe that we are going to Heaven when we die. I believe that Heaven will be right here on earth. That is how Jesus taught us to pray, “On earth as it is in Heaven”.

We started out in the “Garden of Eden”. It was basically Heaven. We walked with God. But Satan convinced us that there was something lacking. If we just had one more thing, our life would be complete.

And isn’t that the way it is still today? No matter how much we have, we are never satisfied. We are always looking for that one more thing that will make our life complete.

Eventually, we will come full circle and realize that God has everything we need. Jesus started the ball in motion when he defeated Satan on the cross and died to show us that love is more powerful than hate. That the Kingdom of God is more powerful than the Kingdoms of the world. The love of Jesus is the hope of the world. The only hope of the world really. Kingdoms of the world will continue to rise and fall. But only when we learn to love like Jesus; that is to die for our enemies, will we finally conquer the ruler of the Kingdoms of this world… Satan.